Soft Fit Mask

- Soft Fit Mask uses hypoallergenic materials for light and soft fit

- 100% self-produced from fabrics to manufacturing

- Available in various sizes for all ages

- Comfortable breathing with three-dimensional design

- Less irritation to the skin as it is made of polyurethane (ruby cell)

- Great elasticity and restoration; gives no ear pain even when worn for a long time

- Excellent water resistance

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Product Jelly Farm Comfort Fit Mask
Size L
[180(w) x 122(h)]
[169(w) x 119(h)]
[160(w) x 119(h)]
[149(w) x 113(h)]
[128(w) x 93(h)]
Weight 6g 5.5g 5g 4.5g 3.5g
Material Polyurethane
color Black / White
Manufacturer mpacplus
Country of Origin Republic of Korea
CS 1811-7320
Intellectual property rights. Korean Patent Reg No.2144258
Korea Design Reg. No.1055564,1063103